OH ME SHATTERED NERVES - Our latest book featuring 43 stories all based
on sayings my mother used during my growing up days - $4.95 + shipping




TRIVIA GAME BOOK - Over 750 Trivia questions you can use at social events,
parties or camp fires. You can form teams and play  Trivia - $4.95 + shipping




CAPE BRETON TRADITIONAL RECIPE BOOK - Local recipes reflecting our
varied ethnic cultures and their favorite recipes - $4.95 + shipping




TALL TALES & UDDER  LIES - Amusing stories of eccentric and funny
local characters - $4.95 + shipping




CAPE BRETON JOKE BOOK - The Official Cape Breton Joke Book with
64 pages of typical Cape Breton humour - $4.95 + shipping





DA MUDDER TUNG - The Official Cape Breton  Dictionary with over 500
phrases and words used by Cape Bretoners - $4.95 + shipping




ANUDDER MUDDER - The  2nd Edition of the Cape Breton  Dictionary with over 500 additional phrases and words - $4.95 + shipping




CAPE BRETON CHRISTMAS MEMORIES -Heartwarming and amusing stories of
past Cape Breton Christmas - $4.95 + shipping



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