Welcome To The Kids Page
During the Corona Virus Outbreak, we broadcast Monday to Friday
with our Kids Storytime Shows. Now that that Summer is here
and kids are allowed outdoors, many will miss our scheduled 6 pm
shows, so we decided to load up the shows and additional stories
so that you can download them at home when it is more convenient
for you and your children. You can play them during rainy days
or at a campfire or as a "go to bed" treat.

We have included many longer stories that were too long for our
half hour show format. As well, there in another link for additional
children's stories.

We will be adding more stories and craft activity files throughout the
Summer so check back on the Kids Radio Page often

Below are several radio shows we already broadcast along with
longer stories for your children to enjoy

(Right click on story title and "Save As" to your computer

Kids Radio Show 1 - Time: 27:10 - Opening Song - The Riddle song - 2 stories - The Frog Prince and Robin Hood and Maid Marion - Riddles and Trivia questions - Closing song Val da Ree

Kids Radio Show 2 - Time: 29:59  - Opening Song - The Riddle Song - 2 stories Tom Thumb and The Tortoise and The Elephant - 10 riddles

Kids Radio Show 3 - Time: 30:09 - Opening Song - Teddy Bear's Picnic - 2 stories, Teddy No Nose and The Girl Who Owned A Bear - 10 trivia questions all about bears - Closing Song, The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Kids Radio Show 4 - Time: 29:41 -  Opening Song, The Good Ship Lollipop - 2 stories, The Not So Pocket Sized Dragon and Ray and The Really Rainy Day - No trivia questions - Closing Song, Kumbaya

Kids Radio Show 5 - Time: 31:36 - Opening Song, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window - 2 stories, Harry and Rose Take A Train and Big Sister's Clothes - 10 True or False questions - Closing Song, Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Kids Radio Show 6 - Time - 26:12 - Opening Song, The Cat Came Back - 2 stories, The Wooden Horse and Noah's Ark - 10 True or False questions - Closing Song, Oh Sushanna

Kids Radio Show 7 - Time: 27:38 - Opening Song - London Bridge Is Falling Down - 2 stories, Sophie's Starry Stunt and The Grateful Crane - 10 True or False questions - Closing Song - This Little Light Of Mine

Kids Radio Show 8 - Time: 30:17 - Opening Song, The Summer Song - 2 stories, The Bee Sting and The Watermelon Prince, 10 True or False questions

ADDITIONAL STORIES FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD - (Right Click on the story title, and "Save As" to your home computer)

Astropup Prince of Cats Pirates - time 16:15

Bertie and The Secret Potato - time 31:15

Bertie on Holiday - time 24:21

The Elephant Child - time 20:22

Gladys and The Ghost Girl - time 16:14

How Prince Bertie Ran Away - time 20:12

In The Cyclops Cave - time 19:09

My Lord Bag Of Rice - time 19:12

Prince Bertie and The Dragon - time 19:46

Rip Van Winkle - time 40:37

Samson and Delilah - time 18:27

Tick Tock & The Disappearing Sandwich - time 23:23

The Story Of Troy - time 19:02

Welcome To Toyland - time 14:29

Zack's Zappy Zoo - time 19:04

and here's a link to other stores on our website  - CLICK HERE FOR STORIES


Download This ZIP file with 120 Crafts Projects including
Dot To Dot - Coloring Pages - Paper Airplanes, Puppetts
Masks - I Spy - Find The Differences - Paper Models
and many more


Right Click to download all the craft files below

Father's Day Coloring Pages

Easy Peasy Moose

Make Your Own Canada Day Rocks

Make Your Own Canada Day Flag

Beaver Paper Bag Puppet

I Spy - Bugs

Muppetts Word Search

Dice Baseball Game

Super Hero Mask - The Flash - (use card stock)

 Super Hero Mask - Iron Man -  (use card stock)

Hum Vee Army Cutout

True or False Answer Sheet

I SPY - Farm Animals

Word Search - Shrek

Elf House Cutout - (use heavy card stock)

 Model Car Cutout (use heavy card stock)

Kids Hand Washing Poster

Hidden Objects - In The Bakery

Coloring By Number

I SPY - Dragons

Super Heros Game Board (make your own game)

MAKE YOUR OWN DICE - (use heavy card stock)


Robot Cutouts (use card stock)

Game Board - (make your own rules)

Find The Hidden Objects (right click and save)

Peacock Cutout

Color By Number 1 - CLICK HERE

Color By Number 2 - CLICK HERE



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